Are we still hiring? Yes we are!!

I haven’t written a blog post for ages, for obvious reasons, as there’s not much been going on around here, so I thought I would pop a little update here on the blog. We are still hiring, and its lovely to see clients again, who have been arranging family gatherings and hiring our pretty china to make these occasions even more special.

So I thought you might want to know what our up to date procedures are.

We are following the government guidelines with numbers and taking extra precautions packing your items to ensure they arrive with you in the same pristine fashion that they always have.

We are currently asking, for hygiene reasons, that our china is returned to us clean and once its back with us, is washed again. This is to ensure that we personally know that when it’s sent back out again to you, its absolutely spotless. The boxes the china is supplied in are also cleaned (we did that anyway) when they are returned with a good old anti bac, but never really shouted about it, but now it seems more relevant.

Well thats it really, just a little update to reassure, while you are hopefully having a browse around the website.

Thanks for reading.



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