I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that as well as Party In a Teacup I also run another little company called Sew Blossom. Here are make all kinds of handmade items, mainly for the home. However, I have just recently added a new collection of beautiful (well I think so) linen fabric flower crowns.

I’ve made them with Bridesmaids or Flower Girls in mind but would also be a lovely addition to an outfit for a girls birthday party or any summery gathering (which I hasten to add, I hope we will all be back to very soon)!

They are made from linen (from Merchant and Mills based in Rye) and I wanted to create a festival boho look to them (in my head they would look so lovely at a boho wedding, set outdoors during Summer Solstice…a free spirit…) I have chosen colours that are either soft and chalky or natural!

They are backed in the same or co-ordinating fabric and either have ties made from ribbon or naturally hand dyed silk. When I say naturally I mean using plants from the garden that create ‘the’ most beautiful colours.

If you’d like to see more, they are available in my shop Sew Blossom or alternatively feel free to message me through the contact page and I will be happy to chat to you about them.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes!



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