A couple of weeks ago I bought some fabric. Just pretty ordinary quilting fabric from my local fabric shop. But I love it and just want to look at it. So it got me thinking. What can I make with it? Interiors are pretty plain these days, which I love, but i’m itching for some colour too. So I made myself some bunting. A dark set for my lounge and a lighter set for my dining room. Happy. But I wanted to use it more. So it got me thinking again….

I wanted to take some new pictures of some of my precious china collection for spring. So, eventually after much thought I decided to have a go at covering some old books. Books are a great way of giving height to display items – for instance they can make lovely inexpensive centrepieces at a vintage teaparty or wedding, especially where the venue might be a little bit plain or may not be as rustic as you’d like – and can add a little bit of colour when styled within the home too!!

So I went ahead and covered a few books and thought that you would like to know how I did it. So here goes!

You will need the following items:

  • a couple of old hardback books – nothing expensive. Charity shops sell them incredibly cheaply.
  • fabric of your choice – preferably cotton.
  • scissors – just normal fabric ones and some pinking shears if you want to make the inside look pretty, but they’re not essential.
  • spay adhesive.

Cut your fabric to the size of your book, making sure you get a nice piece of the fabric pattern on the front of your book – after all its the fabric we want to see. If you want your edges to look pretty gently use your pinking shears to cut around the edge – but don’t cut too far in or you might not have enough fabric to cover your book.

Centralise your book.

Using the fabric spray gently spray the fabric and pull it over to stick to the front cover of the book. Repeat for the back cover too. If there is a ridge in the book – make sure you press the fabric into the ridge as this will be a nice detail once everything is dry.

Mitre cut the corners – again, use pinking shears if you want the inside over to look decorative and then pull the fabric over and stick to the inside cover. I used repositionable adhesive which is really handy, because it means if you position the fabric a little bit wonky it will easily lift off and be repositioned quite happily, without risk of damaging the book or the fabric.

Make sure you cut a flap were the spine of the book is. Cut this piece of fabric to about 1cm.

Pull the front and back cover of the book back on themselves carefully add some of the spray adhesive to the tabs and gently tuck into the spine with a knife.

Et voila! Beautiful!

Its so easy to do and can be a really effective way of adding pretty touches to any party, home or project.

Give it a try!

Thanks for reading.



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