Vintage Shopping at Ardingly

Wow!  Have you ever been before? I confess to being an Ardingly novice and don’t know why I’ve not been before.  Its amazing!!  Well worth the wait, thats for sure & I will definitely be going again!

The home of Ardingly which is an International Antiques fair is at the South of England Showground near Haywards Heath in Surrey and is run over two days.  There is a combination of indoor (mainly collectibles) and outside (bigger items) stalls.  Every type of old thing is available from a weeny vintage salt spoon to a cart … yes I did say a cart!! and is especially good for European vintage and decorative items, which is completely my bag and have a completely unhealthy addiction for!

I don’t know why but I just love vintage grainsacks, tea towels and linen, which is the main reason for visiting the fair and I wasn’t disappointed.  For anyone who knows me will know I also have a little sewing business called Sew Blossom where I make things out of vintage and new linens and fabrics, so this visit was a must for me and to help me stock up my fabric stash!

Here are a few pics I took of the day!


Ardingly is easily accessible from Kent, London and the surrounding counties.  The next fair is on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 19th June – May see you there!

See you soon.



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