An Enchanted Castle – Festival of Flowers at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle Festival of Flowers is something i’ve been meaning to attend for many years and for one reason or another, i’ve not been able to make it.  This year I was determined to, after seeing lots of prompts and reminders from florists I follow on Facebook at Instagram!

This year the show was on from 23rd to 28th September and what a gorgeous show it was, with beautiful displays from the likes of International florist, Simon Lycett, local girl and Chelsea Gold Medal winner, Heidi Lawley, The Academy of Floral Art, to local florists and NAFAS.  The effort and overall effect was absolutely stunning.

This year’s theme was Enchanted Castle and the state rooms of the castle were transformed into a mysterious and magical world.

I love floristry and flowers myself, so went along to glean some tips on mechanics and to see some lovely demonstrations that took place in the marquee on the Pavilion Lawn.

One thing that struck me was the sheer amount of flowers used!  Loads and loads does not even come close to summing it up! So here are some lovely photos of the event!

Best wishes!

Anna x





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