There two things that are synonymous with spring that pop out in late April, early May.  If I say Cow Parsley and the May Tree (Hawthorn) are you with me?

I love to think that these simple elements are engrained in to our May Day traditions and rituals that date back many centuries.

I was out for a walk last week and thought, what could I make that sang May and gave the hint that Summer was on its way (she says as rain streams down the windows)?  For anyone that knows me well they will know that I love making wreaths of all descriptions so there was only one thing to do …. yep! Make a Wreath to feature only Cow Parsley and Hawthorn!

There are so many ways that wreaths can be made.  So much so that I can get a little obsessive and love taking a nosey at the mechanics that other people use.  However for this little beauty I decided to use, plan and simple floral foam.  Foam is so easy to use and can create something very effective, very easily and very quickly!

So if you’d like to give it a go, here’s what you will need to make a Cow Parsley and Hawthorn Wreath!

  • An Oasis floral foam ring
  • Cow Parsley
  • May (Hawthorn)
  • Other foliage filler if needed
  • Florist’s Scissors
  • raffia for hanging your wreath
  1. Source your Cow Parsley and May.
  2. Fill your kitchen sink with water and soak the Oasis ring, face down in the water.  Don’t force it down.  Just let it soak for 2 or 3 minutes while your prepare your workspace.
  3. Divide your May and Cow Parsley into two piles, this will make it easier to see what your’ve got and won’t damage your flowers.
  4. Carefully snip away creating short little stems and poke into the floral foam, making sure that you alternate between Cow Parsley and Hawthorn to give an even look.  You can even poke in some longer bits around the edges to give a looser look to the wreath, which really suits its style!
  5. Voila!  All done!

Top Tip 1:  keep an eye on the outsides of the wreath as its easy to miss bits and have gaps where you can see the floral foam.

Top Tim 2: don’t forget to water it and keep the Oasis moist.


As the wreath is made from floral foam, there are a few ways it can be styled.  You can either have it as a table decoration and pop a storm lantern in the centre, with a large chunky candle in it or you can hang it up.  In the picture below I have used raffia to hang it.  I used raffia because I thought it was in keeping with the style of the wreath.


As twilight comes and the sun sets the wreath looks gorgeous styled with some delicate battery powered twinkly lights don’t you think?



Whatever you decide to make your May Day Wreath for, whether it be for a spring party, christening or Spring Wedding have fun and enjoy it!  When its all done, pop the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy it!

Happy Making!



“Among the many buds proclaiming May

Decking the fields in holiday array,

Striving who shall surpass in braverie,

Makre the faire flowering of the hawthorne tree

Who finely clothe’d in a robe of white,

Fills full the wanton eye with May’s Delight”


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