Happy Valentines

I have decided to do a few little write ups of places I love {mainly} in Kent & East Sussex as this is where we {our family} usually hang out on our days out.  Its really hard these days to grab family time and even harder to whittle out where’s good to, go.  Time is precious!

As we move through the year {and even more when the football season has finished {yay!}} we will visit different places & I shall pop onto my blog incase you’d like a little perusal!  We have quite a few favourite places which we go to all the time but there are still loads we’d still love to explore!

So up first is Weathered and Worn in Hadlow which is an emporium of Vintageness with a French and Scandinavian feel.  They also have a fantastic Cafe which serves lovely aromatic coffee & tea in vintage china cups {which you know, of course I love} and the most delicious cakes which are wonderfully homemade.

This morning we woke up and decided we wanted to do something as the weather of late has been a bit poor to say the least – and wanted to make as much of the day as possible.  Its not far from us so we hopped into the car and off we went.

We arrived just in time to justify having tea and cake, so thats what we did…



… and as you can see we scoffed the lot!!

The lovely ladies who own this beautiful place were happy for me to snap away – avoiding of course the privacy of the other customers.  Here are a few more pics I thought I’d share with you!  Some are a bit blurry {apologies for that}, but I had to post them as the trinkets are so pretty!



Beautiful mirrors …




Wanted these drawers!


Spring flowers …



Sloane Ranger Dressmaker Dummies!!







Lovely chippy shutters …


An old Macbook!  We used to have these at work many moons ago!


Beautiful soup terrines!


Bit of a blurry photo … but I couldn’t not post it!



If you fancy going there yourself here details of their website www.weatheredandworn.me or they have a Facebook page too, which gives all opening times etc.

Its so full of gorgeousness.  You will love it.  Trust me!




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