Well I have to say I am very pleased with my cutting patch this year.  At the beginning of the season I had a little expansion project and got rid of my raised beds and went for a full on growing area.  I have still kept a little grass path down the middle, but next year might get rid of this too which will free up a bit more growing space.  Everything out there is blooming and as a bit of a dahlia nut I am looking forward to them popping in a week or so’s time hopefully.  My dahlias, fingers crossed should be stunning.  I purchased them in pots a couple of years ago from Petersham Nurseries {which is an amazing place by the way and if you get a change to go – do!}.  The rest of my seeds come from my gardening guru Sarah Raven!

Early Beginnings


Flaming June





The Iris

I am Iris; I am the daughter

Of the marshland and the water.

Looking down, I see the gleam

Of the clear and peaceful stream;

Water-lillies large and fair

With their leaves are floating there;

all the water-world I see,

and my own face smiles at me!


Fruits of my labour!


The Girls


What the heck!  After all that garden a girl needs cake!



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